Family in front of a lake, Turkey Swamp Park, NJ

Little Moments, Simple Joys
Family Photographer, Freehold, NJ


You might be here because… You love them to pieces, they’re your sunshine and your heart. You realize they don’t look so little anymore and you find yourself saying please stop growing my baby. Then just like that they’re always on the move and no more staying still for pictures.

Those tender, quiet, laughter-filled moments of their childhood is what life’s all about. It’s what fills your cup. And you want to hold onto them.

Let’s go on a little adventure and preserve this chapter in time.

Focusing on Them

There’s no better time than the present for a playful session, perfect for little ones and capturing memories.

Keeping this Simple

Having to choose just isn’t as fun as getting all your images and a keepsake along with your full session.

Making this Last

And here’s the best part– a sentimental keepsake and flipping through pages filled with all the memories, joy and love.

I’ve worked with Monica for the past 6 years for our family photos.
She’s patient, thoughtfully makes every easy and we love the beautiful photo book she created for us.”
– Terri P

Hey there, I’m Monica

Family Photographer, Freehold, NJ
Since 2013, I’ve come along with families like yours on late afternoon adventures. Capturing parents holding their little one’s hand as they stroll together through the forest paths, exploring rocks, playing among the golden leaves. Those small, beautiful moments are what I’d love to help you remember. I’m here to help you relax and laugh, fill your home with the moments we capture and encourage you to print yours too.

P.S. I created a guide to help you mindfully document and preserve their childhood moments with purpose — download it right below...

Let’s Work Together

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