Kid-Friendly Ways for Some Valentine’s Day Fun

Kid-Friendly Ways for Some Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine’s Day is almost here! A traditional time to buy flowers and candy for loved ones but I wanted to find some other ways to celebrate with KIDS!

After looking up various activities and gifts, I narrowed down to 8 of my favorites (mostly animal themed) and wanted to share them with you. 

I hope you will incorporate one or some of these into your valentine’s festivities or that you’ll be inspired to create your own.

All of these include written or video instructions, free or low cost printables and are even great as last-minute projects.


Check out this sweet treat featured by Hello Yummy. I love this because it is so simple, absolutely adorable and also healthy too as it incorporates a variety of fruit. You can make this snack for your kiddos or have them prepare it with you.


Will you beeee my Valentine? Super cute bumble bee and lady bug DIY valentine’s day cards that are shaped like a heart. I really like that this is different than your traditional rectangular cards. It’s both a card and craft in one. This project is featured on the Non-Toy Gifts blog.


How about a gift that’s candy-free and won’t have you’re kiddos bouncing off the walls? What young child doesn’t love Peppa Pig and Pete the Cat! Both of these books at sold at Barnes & Noble, so you should be able to grab them locally. Also they are both under $10 and are on Amazons Best Sellers in the Children’s Valentine’s Day Books category.



Hop on over to Cakes to Kale blog to grab printables of this Bingo board along with other printable games for only $4! Enjoy an afternoon of Valentine’s Day themed games that you can assemble fairly quickly. The illustration on these Bingo cards are really lovely and it’s encouraged that you can use snacks as your bingo chips. I’d love to try this with some animal crackers.


How clever is this?? What a great idea by Wunder Mom. Not a lot of prep time to set this interactive activity up. This almost reminds me of an Easter Egg hunt but on Valentine’s Day! You can purchase the printables for just $1.99 – Thank you Wunder Mom!


Here’s a great way to incorporate your favorite photos. Another super simple project for the kids to make, thanks to Miss Freddy. What’s nice about these is you don’t need very many supplies. The kids can put a bunch of these together for anyone on their V-day list…classmates, mom, dad, grandparents and so on.


This kids craft is so stinking adorable and one I would definitely enjoy on my refrigerator. Visit Housing A Forest’s blog for instructions and supply list on how to put these sweet strawberries together.


And last item on my list, my all time favorite of all, is a wonderful article on Parent’s Magazine sharing “7 Ways Your Child Can Spread Love this Valentine’s Day”. It’s always fun receiving gifts but even more rewarding to give to others…A lovely lesson to teach the littles. My favorite tip from their article is the one which talks about bringing a little something to your local animal shelter. You can make a quick trip with the kids over to Petsmart or your store of choice. Then have them pick out a treat or toy for a puppy or cat. Stop by your local animal shelter and have them feel proud of themselves for performing an act of kindness. This one particularly touches my heart and I hope it touches yours too. Read the article here

Happy Heart Day everyone!

(Please note: All of the photos featured here are from the other blogs that I’ve shared throughout this post.)


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