Family Photographer Monmouth County NJ

The Sea of Pictures that
Inspired it All

It was the 80s, my dad was the family photographer and I can clearly picture his 35mm Minolta facing my direction as he happily snapped away. Through all the candles we blew out, celebrations and gatherings we had, the family trips we took – that camera was always there.

It recorded all our happy places, childhood adventures, people we loved, moments we didn’t want to forget.

My childhood photo from the 80’s

And while those seasons, years, houses and friends are in the distant past, we were glad to have those overflowing boxes of printed memories there for us.

Today that feeling is similar. Grateful for all the pictures effortlessly captured yet still a bit overwhelmed by the endless sea of them. The thing I’ve found that helps is giving those pictures a purpose, making them more accessible and being able to enjoy them in a meaningful way.

This is why I do this, to inspire you and help you build that meaningful and tangible collection of your family’s memories.

“We love all the images! They are seriously beautiful and we can’t get over them. I will forever treasure these. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Gabby G.

Hello there, I’m Monica

As a kid, I knew I had a special fondness for sentimental things the moment my dad began bringing home printed copies of our pictures. They always came with a feeling of excitement and surprise. And today I hope to share this joy by helping document your moments and creating your keepsakes.

Cool, crisp fall days always bring me back to starting a new school year, meeting my husband (back in Sept 2002!), and celebrating another trip around the sun. 

It’s just me, my husband and our three cats, but they are always at the heart of my best meals, conversations, and company.

My love for preserving memories continues on, from those white envelopes and shoe boxes of prints to designing photo albums today.

“Monica really takes the time to prepare before the session. She’s professional, knowledgeable and has a creative eye. Her photos were all fabulous – you’ll end up loving every single one!!!” – Rosanne I.

Preserving those photos doesn’t have to complicated…

Just follow the “less is more” principle. I’ll show you how with a few simple mindset shifts and basic projects – it’s really all you need. I encourage you to send some of your own favorite captures to print. It’s one thing you’ll always be grateful to have.

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