Autumn, Change, Turning 40 & Six Things Along the Way

Autumn, Change, Turning 40 & Six Things Along the Way

Pumpkin Spice Lattes….scarves…boots…memories made with family…the holiday season—it’s almost here!

What are you most looking forward to this fall season in New Jersey? 

Perhaps it’s bundling baby up for a stroller walk on quiet cold mornings, apple picking with the family on lazy Saturdays, or even just a simple evening by the fireside, reading stories to your little one. 

The season of fall brings many changes. As we approach the winter months, the days will be getting shorter, temperatures cooler, and the leaves will be changing color from shades of green to burgundy red, golden yellow, and fiery orange.

Since childhood, this had been my favorite time of the year. Perhaps this is your little one’s favorite season as well? But this fall is particularly meaningful. 

September is my birthday month, and this year I’m turning 40. It’s kind of strange because it doesn’t feel like it would get here so fast. But it did and here I am! 

To get from one year to the next, the one thing that’s necessary is change.

It can lead to exciting new experiences and people coming into our lives. Perhaps a new baby, new family, or a new home. With a changing season, we often experience growth, lessons learned, wonderful wins, and reminders of all the things to continually be grateful for.  

As I approach my (biggish) birthday, I hope you’ll take a walk with me down memory lane as I reflect back on my journey.

Six Milestones, Lessons, Surprises Along the Way

It’s been….

  • 3 years since I was introduced to photographing newborns in the hospital through Bella Baby. At first I was super nervous handling these tiny 1-2 day-old newborns. But 100+ babies later, I found myself teaching new moms how to swaddle, about the soothing sound of white noise, and so on. It’s always worthwhile to step outside of your comfort zone, isn’t it?

  • 9 years since I began Monica Anna Photography, and I’m so grateful for all the families I’ve met and memories I’ve captured, but most importantly those relationships I’ve made.

  • 11 years since I completed my graduate degree in psychological counseling… but who knew my life journey would take me in a different direction. Always be open to any possibilities. 

  • 16 years since our two (now) senior kitties found us… When I close my eyes I can perfectly remember them when they were just a few weeks old. Animals are such great teachers of unconditional love, and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

  • 20 years since I met my husband right as we both started college. Always there on the other side anytime I was afraid to make a leap. Always there having my back and supporting me. It’s been a true adventure exploring life with my best friend. 

  • 25 years since I learned to develop my own film in the high school dark room, a process that connects you to your art in a whole different way than the digital format today. So, I’m so glad to have experienced that before these digital days. 

…I can keep going, but I’m sure you get the picture! 

I’m grateful for every single one more turn around the sun. 

And looking back on all these milestones challenges me to ask: What milestones yet await? What amazing memories are yet to happen? Perhaps you have the same questions as you look into the eyes of your little one(s) every day. Each day with them can be a beautiful gift to treasure.

Each day it’s important we can find new ways to celebrate life with our loved ones; to cherish all that sweet goodness around us and be grateful for every moment…

I’d love to help document some of your favorite moments together.

Here’s to capturing the moments you love,


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Copy by Lyndsi Bigbee.