Holiday Family Session at Amico Island Park in Delran, NJ

Holiday Family Session at Amico Island Park in Delran, NJ

Family photo in front of frozen lake.

We had just about 2 weeks until Christmas which is not much time for a photo session, designing cards, getting them printed and handing them over to mom for addressing and mailing.

But this family was determined to get a holiday photo session in and I was up for the challenge ☺

Planning the session

We quickly choose the first date everyone was available as well as a convenient location. I always try to schedule sessions about an hour and half before sunset to get lighting that’s soft and flattering.  The particular day we choose turned out to be cloudy so there was some flexibility as far as the time.

Mom went on a last minute shopping spree and treated everyone in the family to some new outfits…Yey!

She opted for neutral, earthy tones instead of Christmas colors.  This was a good idea as it makes the images more versatile. Also once printed and displayed, neutral colors in the images tie in well with neutral home décor.

Combating the cold and how the family worked together

Being it was already mid December and chilly out, everyone had to stay both focused AND warm. In between photos everyone ran around and played. We even had a short game of freeze tag.

Mom made sure to bring lots of layers and blankets for kids to stay cozy. We bundled up the kids as we moved from spot to spot preparing for the next round of photographing.

Dad was a huge help and did an awesome job keeping the kids in good spirits and full of laughs. At one point we came across a lake at the park and the kiddos, along with dad, couldn’t resist tossing rocks in it. Of course this turned into a gentle competition of who could throw the furthest!

The partially frozen lake made a perfect backdrop for some of the shots.

Handling hiccups in a session

On this day, baby sister wasn’t feeling her best and she wanted to stay close to mom.

And sometimes this happens and it’s ok.

Parents will often worry but there is no need to. With a fast shutter speed, I can still usually manage to catch a few smiles in between those not-so-happy moments.

The key here is not to push. We let baby sister dictate when she was ready for her photo op. And when she needed some mommy time, her siblings where happy to take the spotlight.

Big brother and sister were wonderful and both comforted her with hugs and kisses. And eventually with some tickles and goofy faces, mom and dad got the littlest one to give us a few big smiles.

Wrapping things up 

Despite the cold temps, we were able to produce a varied selection of photos for both the card and to display in the family’s home. Mom and dad kept a steady pace with moving things along and answering questions.

Mom and dad getting back to me very swiftly with all the decisions as far as photos, card designs and colors, wording, paper type, envelope type – was essential in turning everything around in such a short time.

The parents opted for a smaller 4×6 size with my favorite Pearl finish – it gives the card a pretty yet subtle sparkle. Mom loved the images in black & white and went with a coordinating classic white envelope and silver foil lining. 

And we got the printed cards back with one week to spare till Christmas! Woo hoo!


These are the lovely holiday cards…

Christmas Cards with Black and White photos.

My favorite images from the session…



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