Ideal Time for Family Photos in New Jersey

Ideal Time for Family Photos in New Jersey

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In New Jersey we’re lucky to have such a nice variety of weather. We get a little sampling of all 4 seasons. But when it comes to scheduling your annual family photo does it really matter what time of the year we call the photographer OR should we just aim to cross “annual photo session” off our list? 

I have actually had families reach out to me at all different times of the year. From family reunions on 90 degree days in August to last minute Christmas card sessions on 35 degree days in December. 

And everything in between.  

The answer is… 

Yes it is important to celebrate your family with an annual photo BUT also Yes the time of the year makes a difference too.

So let’s go over the pros and cons of each season. 

What’s so great about Springtime and Fall?

(In spring time, the only pretty ring time. Birds sing, hey ding, A-ding A-ding. Sweet Lovers love…the Spring. — Who else gets a visual of that song from Willy Wonka!)

Alright, back to the question 🙂

If your schedule is wide open, and there are no special occasions, then hands down I say plan for the spring or fall. 

I make this recommendation for two very simple reasons – the mild temperature and the vibrant colors in nature. 

Spring and fall makes choosing spots within a location so much easier. Everywhere you look is picturesque with blooming spring flowers or colorful fall foliage.

And with temps in the 50’s to 70’s, everyone feels nice and comfortable (just like goldilocks, not too hot or not too cold, the temperature is just right!)

If you’re looking for traditional family photos and want to have nice, well thought out outfits, the spring and fall is where it’s at.  You don’t have to worry about bundling up because of cold temps. Or quite honestly no need to be fearful about sweating because it’s sweltering hot out!

The only downside of the Spring and Fall is… 

The only downside I can think of is that those perfect days seem to come and go so quickly. And with the weather being so unpredictable these days, it takes a bit more planning for that ideal cool, mild temperature…but it’s worth it!

What if the Summer or Winter works out better for my schedule?

Now with all that said, sometimes there are milestones we’d like to capture. Or maybe it’s just hard to get the family together in between school, vacations, and kid’s activities. So we try to sqeeze in that session.

Should you forego a family session just because you can’t schedule it during an ideal time of the year? 

In my humble opinion…No! 

I would rather work with my clients and capture all the family members during that particular time of the year than not at all. Time is fleeting and once your kiddos are even just a year older, there is no going back. 

Shooting in Yucky Weather

What about when it comes to scheduling during yucky weather? What do we do?

Well, we don’t give up (unless maybe its raining), instead we get creative!

Are you only available for photos in the peak of the summer? If so, I definitely suggest dressing casual and light. Bring cold water, hand towels, maybe a change of outfits. 

Then we brainstorm….can we aim for a cloudy day? Or perhaps let’s stay inside. Even though I always prefer outdoor sessions, this might be the perfect time to explore indoor locations including your home. Or why not take the kiddos for ice cream and take a more casual lifestyle approach.

The same goes for winter. In some ways winter is easier to troubleshoot than the summer because we can always find ways to warm up. But it seems more challenging to cool down. 

Is there snow outside or 30-degree weather? No problem, that means snow angels, snowball fights or the just the right reason to bust out all of your winter accessories…mittens, scarves, hats, oh my! Or what about ice-skating? 

In a nutshell…

Choose spring or fall if you have the flexibility but with a little creativity we can make it work during almost any season. 

As of today, we are 30 days away from the 1st day of spring! So, be sure to reach out to your photographer a month or two in advance to get the best choice of dates. And one of my favorite spots during this season is Sayen Garden in Hamilton, NJ.

Live in Central, NJ and interested in a family photo session, click here for details about my 2019 Spring Promotion. 

Happy planning! 

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